Marketing mission

well here’s my next post. I am on a mission to get the word out there about our fabulous holiday cottages. We are new to the world of self catering and to be honest we generally use hotels when we holiday so getting our heads round self catering has been a steep learning curve. from the off we wanted to provide hotel standard accomodation and I would like to think that we have suceeded but without the rest of the world knowing is a bit of a problem so here the mission starts. Fortuately we have excellent local pubs and restaurants and as such the Wrygarth, the Falcon, the Railway, Sonili Spice and Harpers fish and chip shop have all agreed to have our leaflets on display. Unfortunatelty the weather doesn’t seem to be playing ball (although the plants don’t need watering). All of our West Yorkshire visitors seem to be staying away from the beautiful East Yorkshire Coast or waiting until last minute to book when there is a sunshine window! Google is my next plan of attack through adwords. I am unsure whether they work, to be honest to date there has been very little impact on my hit counter but we will see out the two month campaign. Finally this blog is to be my next tool. I was surprised to see that quite a few of my recent website visitors was via wordpress so I will endeavour to keep up my blogging. I have even added an app to my blackberry to help! So what’s next? Well I am going to add to more photographs and videos and fingers crossed this will generate more interest.

Well ta ta for now.

Dawn :o)

About hatfieldchapels

Holiday cottage owner and proud Yorkshire Lass.
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